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Dr. Movagharnia will give you a detailed post operative instructions prior to surgery so you can read and familiarize yourself and be able to ask questions. If you do not follow these instructions, there is higher chance of complications and therefore your recovery will be prolonged.


You must keep your incisions clean and dry. Pat your scrotum dry after shower. You can shower in 2 days. After surgery, you must wear a tight underwear to prevent saggy scrotum so you do not get swollen which can cause bleeding. No streneous activities for 4-6 weeks. You may return to work when you are comfortable and not taking any pain medicine.


You must finish all of your antibiotics to avoid infection. All of the swelling will take couple of months to go away. The next day after surgery, I will see you in my office and if you are from out of town, when you are comfortable you can fly out or drive if you are not taking pain medicine.

Please keep in touch post operatively if you have any questions.





When Dr. Movagharnia starts doing this procedure, his patients will be receiving detailed post-operative care instructions following surgery.  You must read these instructions prior to surgery so you can ask questions.  If you do not follow his instructions the chance of having complications increases, and therefore your recovery will be prolonged. 

Zen and the Art of Post-Operative Maintenance (
TG-Roadmap Dilation Page (     

Dilation: A Critical Follow-up Procedure to Successful GRS by Alesso Adam (


Print this Post Operative Care page for easy reference, but please refer to any more recent copies that Dr. Movagharnia may provide you at the time of surgery which may supercede these.

NOTE: "Zen and the Art of Post-Operative Maintenance" is an older document based on a different surgical technique, it contains the warning: NEVER insert the dilator at a downward angle. Most patients will soon find out that a slight downward angle is required for a proper vaginal entry and an angle more towards the navel is best. "Zen..."is still a valuable, interesting, and historic document, so the link will be here to be used but please adhere to Dr. Movagharnia's post-operative instructions where applicable. 

Recovery Time: 

Recovery time for the Gender Reassignment Surgery ranges from 4-6 weeks.  If possible an 8-week recovery period is ideal and beneficial. 


Patients are encouraged to obtain their dilators prior to surgery. You can obtain them from anywhere that they can be purchased from ,  are stores that can ship the dilators to you within 24 hours if needed. Also you may refer to also for pointers regarding instructions on the use of vaginal dilators.

Post-Operative Care

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