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What to Bring the Day of Surgery


Orchiectomy patients: You do not need to bring anything special with you. Bring what you usually take when you travel for couple of days.Travel light.  Make sure you have a tight underware and your prescription card for your medicine in case you have a low co-pay. The pharmacy next to the hospital offers medicines at low cost to my patients, in case you do not have insurance or do not want to use it.


If you are having other procedures beside Orchiectomy, read below and bring what you may need to keep yourself busy at the hotel.The day prior to surgery, I recommend to get foods and snacks so you do not have to leave the hotel that night after your surgery.


If you are from out of town, please make sure you reserve a nice clean motel or hotel that you are comfortable. For assistant on the names of the places to stay, call my office at 770-951-7595.


The surgery is done at the Windy Hill Hospital which is at 2540 Windy Hill Road, Marietta, GA. 30067 and my office address is 200 Galleria Parkway Atlanta, GA. 30339. Google and find out which hotels are close to either my office or the preferably the hospital. My office and hospital are couple of miles away from each other.


A couple of outfits for before and after, otherwise the hospital will provide you with a gown, undies, and dressings. You need to purchase the dialators prior to your surgery and bring them with you. You can contact your choice of suppliers for vaginal dilators.


For those patients undergoing breast augmentation, Dr. Movagharnia will provide you with a surgical bra.  You may wish to purchase a sports bra once you return home and the swelling has decreased.  Dr. Movagharnia will place 
absorbable sutures so that you do not have to visit your local physician for suture removal and pay fees.  It is recommended that you follow up with a plastic surgeon, preferably Dr. Movagharnia if you are close to this area, so that he can monitor your progress and make sure your breasts do not contract.  Please read all the risks for breast augmentation.

While in hospital or your hotel, you may want to have things like books, CDs, tapes, or a portable DVD player so you can pass the time as you recover.I strongly discourage you lifting your suitcase or heavy objects for 6 weeks.  Please ask whoever has accompanied you to Atlanta to help out, or send the suitcases back home via UPS or Fed Ex.

To help you get ready for your trip, please go through a GRS/SRS Checklist provided for you in PDF Format to make sure you have got everything.

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